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  • Gina Hanzel, RDH, B.S.

Periovance Oral Rinse: A Versatile Anesthetic Option

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All dental patients are unique in that they have their own concerns, sensitivities and anxieties when they visit your office. As a dental professional, providing compassionate, comprehensive and pain-free care can be the defining factor in a successful appointment.  


Periovance Oral Rinse, an innovative, new-to-market, full-mouth anesthetic rinse from OraBio, offers dental professionals another anesthetic option that can be used either alone or in conjunction with existing anesthetic types. This ensures your patients remain comfortable while receiving care. 



A bottle of Periovance Oral Rinse, followed by a brief description of the advantages it has over other anesthetics. The two main categories are "shorter onset time" and "full-mouth anesthetic."


How Periovance Oral Rinse is Revolutionizing Dental Anesthetics 

Periovance Oral Rinse is easy to administer before dental procedures. While it won't always replace other anesthetic options like sub-gingival gels or liquids, local anesthetics or nitrous oxide, it is highly effective at reducing your patients’ gingival discomfort.  


Additionally, Periovance Oral Rinse can be provided to patients for at-home use following their dental procedures. For some patients, post-procedural gingival discomfort may interfere with proper aftercare, but Periovance Oral Rinse provides them with a reliable pain management solution even outside the dental office.  


Sub-Gingival Anesthetics 

Sub-gingival anesthetics excel at targeted pain management, but their rather complicated delivery system presents some challenges. To numb an entire quadrant, sub-gingival anesthetics need to be placed in the sulcus of each tooth.  


Periovance Oral Rinse has several advantages, including a shorter onset time and an  

easier time maintaining sufficient anesthetic flow. A quick, 60-second rinse before the dental procedure provides full-mouth pain relief, reduces anesthetic delivery time and increases appointment efficiency. 


Local Anesthetics 

Nearly 25% of US adults suffer from an irrational fear of needles. As the most common form of anesthetic in the dental industry, injectable local anesthetics often cause severe physical and emotional discomfort in patients, exacerbating existing anxiety.  


Local anesthetics use vasoconstricting agents like epinephrine to extend the period during which the anesthetic is effective. This leads to relatively long periods of time that the patients remain numb after dental procedures.  Periovance Oral Rinse eliminates this prolonged anesthesia. It’s effective up to 2 hours for immediate relief during the dental appointment. In addition, its unique blend of 10% benzocaine, aloe vera and maltodextrin is effective and safe for repeated use in-office and at home. 


For the patients whose best option is local anesthetic, Periovance Oral Rinse can be administered before the injection to minimize pain at the injection site. During full-mouth scaling and root planing, it is not advisable to anesthetize the entire dentition with local anesthetic. Using Periovance Oral Rinse in conjunction with targeted local anesthetics allows for full mouth debridement on the same day! 

How Periovance Oral Rinse Supports Patients at Home 

Periovance Oral Rinse is designed to be used both in-office and at home. For patients who struggle with gingival pain and sensitivity following dental treatment, this rinse helps maintain your patients’ comfort after they leave the dental chair. 


With a single swish, patients experience up to two hours of professional-level pain relief. The rinse is effective at alleviating pain associated with several dental procedures, most notably the sensitivity that can occur after comprehensive treatments like scaling and root planing.  

When to Use Periovance Oral Rinse 

Periovance Oral Rinse is effective at reducing pain resulting from a variety of dental conditions, such as scaling with inflammation, scaling and root planing, aphthous ulcers and erosive lichen planus. 



Inflammation of the gingival tissues caused by moderate to severe gingivitis (CDT code 4346) can make debridement painful for patients. Administering Periovance Oral Rinse before the procedure provides efficient full-mouth pain relief. It is also beneficial for the patients to take the rinse home after the appointment to help them maintain comfort during their healing process. 


Scaling and Root Planing  

For patients undergoing scaling and root planing (or similar procedures) that don’t require extensive local anesthetic, Periovance Oral Rinse can be used in place of other anesthetics to provide quick, easy and comfortable oral pain relief without the use of needles. After the procedure, dental professionals can supply patients with Periovance Oral Rinse for at-home use to address tender gums and post-procedural pain.   


Aphthous Ulcers and Erosive Lichen Planus 

Ulcerative gingival conditions make pain-free instrumentation difficult and can dissuade patients from following through with their appointment. Periovance Oral Rinse allows patients to manage persistent pain both in-office and at home, alleviating dental anxiety and keeping patients calm and comfortable during appointments.  


Invent, Innovate and Inspire with OraBio 

OraBio has the specialized capabilities, knowledge and experience needed to bring new innovations to the market. By leveraging our expertise, we identify and bring dental innovations to the market in a faster, more effective manner. OraBio’s flagship brand, Periovance, delivers products that address all aspects of the patient’s journey from diagnosis and prevention to treatment and maintenance of gingivitis, periodontitis and associated conditions.  


Contact us to learn more about Periovance Oral Rinse and the other dental products we have in development.   

Authored by:

Gina Hanzel, RDH., B.S.

Clinical Advisor/Marketing

OraBio, Inc.




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