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Rediscover Comfort, Embrace Relief

Indulge in the gentle healing touch of Periovance Oral Rinse,
a harmonious blend of aloe vera L extracts with 10% benzocaine


  • All-natural, professional-strength pain relief
  • Provides pain relief during and after a wide range of dental procedures

  • Ideal as a pre- and post- procedural rinse

  • Can be used as an in-office or take-home rinse

  • A Unique blend of benzocaine, maltodextrin and aloe-vera bind to pain receptors
    and adhere to the sensitive mucosa for a complete combination of pain relief and comfort


Periovance Oral Rinse Bottle

No pain. All gain.

Provides immediate, fast-acting anesthetic action for the following conditions

Do you have patients with moderate to severe gingivitis who struggle with remaining comfortable and pain-free during a routine exam or hygiene procedure?



  • Gingivitis is often accompanied by painful edema and inflammation of the gingival tissues. This causes discomfort during clinical and hygiene procedures, making it difficult to properly debride around the gingival tissues.

  • Periovance oral rinse provides immediate anesthetic properties after a 60-second rinse.

  • This makes your patients more comfortable during procedures with minimal or no interruptions to your appointments.


Dr. Ry Griffin, DDS - Griffin Family Dentistry, AL

”Periovance Oral Rinse has already proven to be a game changing anesthetic in my practice and I recommend it highly. We have used it for a wide variety of patients and procedures with great success.”
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