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Dental Hygienists

We know you are committed to providing your patients with comprehensive and quality dental care.  
That’s why we’ve created the Orabio ambassador program. 

Our mission is to create products that dental professionals and patients love,

that ultimately improve the overall health and well-being of your patients.

Revolutionize your clinical appointment and spread the word about the latest

in oral health technology with Periovance products.


Join our premier ambassador program and influence those around you with products that will change your clinical practice and improve patient care. 


Your knowledge matters and dental professionals love new innovative products. Share Periovance with your network and watch your influence grow.


Exclusive 5% commission on all sales. Your favorite dental office will receive a special 10% discount on all orders as well. 

Why should I become an ambassador?

Because NEW technology is FUN and you can continue to provide quality dental care for your patients by connecting them to life-changing products that will make your job easier! 

  • All New ambassadors will receive free product for personal trial.

  • Using your unique link, you receive a 5% commission on all product sales you influence.

  • Do you have a dental professional who also wants to join the program? If you refer them, you’ll also receive a 2.5% commission on all product sales they influence.

  • All commissions will be paid monthly by direct deposit via or by physical check.

  • Your favorite dental office will receive an exclusive 10% discount using your code. You will receive your commission, too! It’s a Win-Win!

  • Share your ambassador link on social media for extra exposure and more commissions.


  • How does my influence and commission get tracked?
    Every time your ambassador code is used to place an order, our system will automatically track the commission and apply it to your account. Don’t worry, once an order is placed, any subsequent order from that same customer will be automatically tracked and applied to your account. You will also have access to your sales volume within your account. You can access this information here Ambassadorship | Orabio by logging into your account.
  • Do my customers have any perks for using my ambassador code?
    Each customer that uses your unique ambassador code will receive a 10% discount on all product orders.
  • How do referrals work?
    If you know a dental professional that would like to be a part of our ambassador program, we’d love to have them. When they enroll from our website, they will add your name on their enrollment form as the person who referred them. You will then be linked and earn an additional commission on all sales that they influence. There is no limit to the number of referrals you bring to the program.
  • How are commissions paid?
    Commissions are paid monthly. You will earn a commission on all personal sales that you influence. You will also earn an additional commission for any sales from any ambassador that you have referred personally to our program. Please refer to the section on how do referrals work for more information.
  • Where can I share my ambassador code?
    Periovance products are available to all dental professionals that have an active dental license. You can share your influence and code with dental professionals you feel would fall in love with our products. Social media is a great resource for you to reach a broader audience. Feel free to tag Orabio in your social posts and use hashtag #periovance as well.
  • What if I forget my ambassador code?
    No Worries! You can always check your back-office for information directly on the ambassador site Ambassadorship | Orabio.
  • Is my ambassador code remembered for customers that I already work with?
    Yes, all subsequent orders that are placed by the same customer will automatically be linked to your unique code and account. Your customer does not have to remember to use the code to continue receiving a 10% discount, and you do not have to worry about missing out on commission.
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