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  • Gina Hanzel, RDH, B.S.

Challenges Associated with Severe Gingivitis Patients

Maintaining patient comfort during dental procedures is an important part of quality and comprehensive dental care. Patients who have gingivitis often experience discomfort associated with the disease, which can make thorough instrumentation difficult. 


Periovance Oral Rinse, a new-to-market anesthetic dental rinse from OraBio, provides mucosal anesthesia after just one 60-second swish. This efficient rinse allows dental professionals the ability to deliver comfortable care, which benefits both clinicians and patients. 

How Periovance Oral Rinse Addresses Gingivitis-Related Pain 

About 38.5% of dental patients suffer from gingivitis. Of those patients, 8.5% suffer from severe gingivitis. Gingivitis is an inflammatory condition of the gingival tissues. Often, the tissues become so diseased that patients suffer from pain and bleeding.  


Periovance Oral Rinse is a simple, easy-to-administer anesthetic solution that provides fast-acting relief from the pain associated with this condition. The rinse’s 10% Benzocaine formula delivers adequate pain relief after a single 60-second swish, allowing the clinician to comprehensively treat the patient without the worry of discomfort or interruptions due to pain. 


Instrumentation Challenges 

For proper biofilm removal, clinicians need to be able to instrument below the gumline. Pain management during sub-gingival debridement can be challenging if patients are experiencing pain due to moderate or severe gingivitis. Keeping patients comfortable and pain-free is imperative. It not only allows the clinician more efficient access for removal of sub-gingival bacteria, but it also builds trust with the patient and can help to reduce pain-related anxiety.  


36% of adults experience anxiety and fear of pain. This may cause patients to avoid the dentist which further contributes to the progression of their disease. 


Appointment Efficiency 

Pre-procedural pain management can be time-consuming in an already demanding clinical schedule, and dental professionals need to find the delicate balance between maintaining patient comfort and streamlining appointment efficiency. This delicate juggle can be facilitated by using the appropriate anesthesia needed for pain management, especially for patients with moderate to severe gingivitis. 


Often, patients need an anesthetic option that will effectively eliminate their pain during instrumentation, and clinicians need an anesthetic option that can deliver optimal comfort in an efficient manner. 


Periovance Oral Rinse delivers both. Patients experience lasting full-mouth, mucosal anesthesia which enables clinicians to complete the appointment efficiently. With this rinse, dental professionals can elevate their pain management protocol and rise to a busy clinical schedule. 


How Periovance Oral Rinse Supports Gingivitis Patients at Home 

Post-procedural pain is common due to the inflammation associated with moderate to severe gingivitis. With Periovance Oral Rinse, patients now have an all-natural, alcohol-free product they can use at home to extend their pain relief beyond the appointment. It is professional-strength and available without a prescription. This rinse is safe to be used up to four times daily and will deliver extended comfort for fast pain relief. 


Improve Efficiency and Comfort with Periovance Oral Rinse

Periovance Oral Rinse provides dental professionals with an efficient solution to facilitate a positive and pain-free patient experience.  


Learn more about Periovance and the other innovative products in development at OraBio on our website.  

Authored by:

Gina Hanzel, RDH., B.S.

Clinical Advisor/Marketing

OraBio, Inc.


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