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  • Gina Hanzel, RDH, B.S.

Periovance Oral Rinse: The Next Step in Pain-Relief Technology

Patients with gingivitis and periodontitis often have inflammation and edema which can make dental visits painful. In addition, 36% of US adults also experience some form of anxiety when visiting the dentist, with many of these individuals reporting the fear of pain as a contributing factor. Effective use of pain management products not only alleviates patients' discomfort and anxieties—it ultimately improves the efficiency of the appointment, boosting patient satisfaction and increasing the likelihood of return visits.  


As a dental professional, you have a variety of pain-management tools available to improve patient experience, including locally, sub-gingivally, and topically applied anesthetics, as well as analgesics like Nitrous Oxide. For common conditions, like gingivitis and periodontitis, dental professionals often use a combination of these tools to ensure their patients remain pain-free during their visits.   


Using Periovance Oral Rinse as an alternative to other pain management options not only provides fast relief from inflammation-related pain, but it can also eliminate anesthetic onset time, streamlining the entire appointment—while ensuring a compassionate experience for patients.  

Introducing Periovance Oral Rinse 

Periovance Oral Rinse is an easy-to-administer, specialized mouth rinse designed to provide fast-acting anesthetic pain relief. Its blend of benzocaine, maltodextrin, and aloe vera binds to pain receptors in the mouth to keep patients comfortable. Periovance Oral Rinse will revolutionize your dental hygiene appointments while providing soothing, full-mouth pain relief in just 60 seconds. 


Quality Ingredients 

Periovance Oral Rinse features a unique, alcohol-free formula made with high-quality ingredients selected for their fast-acting, pain-reducing qualities. 



Benzocaine is a common ingredient in local and topical anesthetics and is used in dentistry to relieve patient discomfort during dental procedures. Over the last several decades, it has been proven to provide pain relief while remaining safe for repeated use, making it ideal for oral anesthetics like Periovance Oral Rinse.  


Aloe Vera Extracts 

A medicinal plant known for pain-relief, aloe vera has garnered attention in the dental field for its anti-inflammatory qualities. Extracts from the aloe vera plant give Periovance Oral Rinse its soothing properties, helping patients feel comfortable throughout their procedures.  



Maltodextrin is a carbohydrate that readily binds to human pain receptors, reducing the amount and severity of pain patients experience. When combined with benzocaine, maltodextrin helps Periovance Oral Rinse provide rapid relief.  



As a salivary stimulant, Xylitol is an all-natural sugar found in many fruits and vegetables. Xylitol is very sweet and, combined with natural flavoring, gives Periovance Oral Rinse its soothing citrus taste.  

By combining aloe vera extracts, benzocaine, maltodextrin, xylitol, and a small selection of other ingredients, Periovance Oral Rinse offers up to two hours of professional-level pain relief while remaining safe for use in and out of the dentist’s chair.  


Versatility of Periovance Oral Rinse 

With a short, 60-second swish patients will feel full-mouth pain relief which greatly reduces the anesthetic time needed when compared to local anesthetics. By using Periovance Oral Rinse, dental professionals are able to treat a variety of oral conditions with ease and without causing excessive discomfort. or stopping the procedure. 


Not only can this full-mouth anesthetic be administered in a pre-procedural setting to minimize pain-related interruptions during dental appointments; it can also be prescribed to patients as part of a post-procedural pain management plan after procedures like scaling and root planing. In addition, incorporating Periovance Oral Rinse into patient's at-home treatment protocol can alleviate pain from other common oral conditions such as apthous ulcers, mucositis, stomatitis and erosive oral lichen planus. 


Unique Anesthetic Properties 

Periovance Oral Rinse’s pain relief properties make it ideal for use in an array of dental applications, from routine examinations to more comprehensive procedures like scaling and root planing.  


Gingivitis and Periodontitis 

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 38.5% of dental patients suffer from gingivitis, with 8.5% suffering from severe gingivitis. Similarly, 42% of dental patients suffer from periodontitis, often with painful gingival tissues and edema. 


For patients with gingivitis, gingival inflammation, edema, and periodontitis, even non-invasive and routine procedures can be uncomfortable. With minimal interruption to dental appointments, rinsing with Periovance Oral Rinse can alleviate pain within just 60 seconds, keeping the patient comfortable. In addition, this full-mouth anesthetic allows the clinician to efficiently access the base of the sulcus for proper and thorough biofilm removal. 


Orthodontic Discomfort 

Orthodontic wires and brackets can cause significant discomfort to a patient’s gingival tissue, as teeth and tissues adapt to their new positions. For patients with new wires, eating can also be a challenge, and adjustment may also cause further discomfort. 


Periovance Oral Rinse provides relief from short-term gingival pain associated with orthodontic fixtures without interfering with or compromising the fixture itself. Plus, our all-natural, alcohol-free formula is safe, soothing, and effective for your pediatric patients. 



Mucositis is common for patients who wear dentures. If the dentures are ill-fitting, they can move and shift while eating and talking, which can result in bruising, soreness, and blistering of the gingival tissues. With 10% benzocaine, Periovance Oral Rinse provides pain relief without drying out or damaging patients’ dentures.  


Other Uses 


Oral Mucositis 

Patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments often experience oral mucositis, characterized by excessive inflammation in the patient’s mucus membranes. Over time, these membranes can break down and develop painful sores, which can be debilitating and severely affect these patients’ quality of life. Periovance Oral Rinse’s fast-acting formula has been proven effective at treating pain related to oral mucositis, and its alcohol-free formula is safe to use up to four times a day.  


Aphthous Ulcers and Erosive Lichen Planus 

Painful aphthous ulcers and erosive lichen planus make pain-free instrumentation challenging for dental professionals. Using Periovance Oral Rinse can help control pain during procedures and is especially useful as a take-home product to help patients manage their symptoms at home. 


As a dental professional, your patients’ comfort is your top priority. By partnering with Periovance Oral Rinse, you can provide patients with a superior level of relief, ultimately improving both their experience with your practice and their overall quality of life. 


Contact us today to learn more about Periovance Oral Rinse and our other new oral healthcare products and technologies. 

Authored by:

Gina Hanzel, RDH., B.S.

Clinical Advisor/Marketing

OraBio, Inc.


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