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  • Gina Hanzel, RDH, B.S.

OraBio Unlocks Better Dental Pain Management with Periovance Oral Rinse

Periovance Oral Rinse delivers full-mouth pain relief for patients before, during and after treatment, offers a better patient experience at a lower cost to providers

PITTSBURGH — JAN. 30, 2024 — OraBio, the company discovering, developing and commercializing the latest in oral health innovations to improve patient outcomes, announced today that Periovance Oral Rinse is now generally available for purchase and use. Periovance Oral Rinse, an all-natural liquid anesthetic, gives dental professionals an easy-to-use, efficient and effective solution for alleviating and managing patient pain in or out of their offices.


“Patient comfort is an important priority for clinicians, because it helps them provide better care and keep patients coming back for return visits,” said Mark DeTorre, vice president of marketing at OraBio. “Studies show that 36% of dental patients experience anxiety or fear, which can significantly affect their appointment attendance and oral care habits. Periovance Oral Rinse delivers versatile pain relief, enabling hygienists and dentists to rethink and evolve how they deliver care both in the chair and at home.”


To use Periovance Oral Rinse, patients simply swish it like mouthwash, and they’ll feel full-mouth pain relief within 60 seconds. One dose provides up to two hours of pain relief, enabling hygienists to treat a larger-than-normal range of oral conditions and get more done with less interruption. They also can dispense the product to patients for use at home, as part of a treatment protocol or a post-procedure pain management plan. Each application costs about $2 – a fraction of the $6 or more than other pain management modalities can cost.


Periovance Oral Rinse is ideal for use with an array of applications, from routine examinations to more complex procedures:

  • Gingivitis and Periodontitis – For patients with these issues, and the inflammation and edema that can accompany them, even non-invasive and routine procedures can be uncomfortable. Periovance Oral Rinse allows a clinician to efficiently access the base of the sulcus for proper and thorough biofilm removal.

  • Scaling and Root Planing (Before and After) – 42% of all U.S. adults have some form of periodontitis, and often their symptoms include inflamed tissue, moderate calculus deposits supra and sub-gingivally, bleeding gums and bone loss. Instrumentation (scaling & root planing) to treat this disease is often painful. Using Periovance Oral Rinse as a pre-treatment or post-therapy rinse can manage this discomfort. 

  • Orthodontic Discomfort – Wires and brackets can cause significant discomfort to a patient’s gingival tissue, as teeth and tissues adapt to their new positions. The rinse provides pain relief without interfering with the fixtures and their work.

  • Dentures – If they are ill-fitting, they can move and shift while eating and talking, which can result in bruising, soreness and blistering of the gingival tissues. Periovance Oral Rinse provides pain relief without drying out or damaging patients’ dentures.

  • Oral Mucositis – Patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments often experience oral mucositis or excessive inflammation in their mucus membranes. Over time, these membranes can break down and develop painful sores. Periovance Oral Rinse’s fast-acting formula treats this pain.

  • Aphthous Ulcers and Erosive Lichen Planus – These make pain-free instrumentation challenging for dental professionals. Periovance Oral Rinse can help control pain during procedures and can be used to help patients manage their symptoms at home.


Periovance Oral Rinse features an alcohol-free formula with a few key ingredients:

  • Benzocaine – common in local and topical anesthetics.

  • Maltodextrin – a carbohydrate that readily binds to human pain receptors, helping Periovance Oral Rinse work faster and reduce the amount and severity of pain patients experience.

  • Aloe Vera Extracts – known for their soothing and anti-inflammatory qualities.

  • Xylitol – an all-natural salivary stimulant that gives Periovance Oral Rinse a fruity, citrus-like taste.


Periovance Oral Rinse can be purchased by visiting



About OraBio


Founded in 2021, OraBio discovers, develops and commercializes the latest in oral health innovations that improve patient outcomes. OraBio’s initial flagship brand, Periovance, offers products that address the patient’s journey from diagnosis, prevention, treatment and maintenance of gingivitis, periodontitis and associated conditions. The company also is focused on identifying and bringing dental innovations to the market in a faster, more effective manner.

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