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John J. Hathaway

Managing Partner, Chairman of the Board

John Hathaway is the Chairman of OraBio and oversees its capital deployment and structure. He also serves on the Boards of Intervala, RPM Industries, Sharp Therapeutics, and numerous other companies and is the founder of private equity firm Primerock Capital. Primerock invests its capital in specific private equity sectors and, through its affiliates, manages various privately held companies. John has over 30 years of experience in asset management, capital structure and formation, mergers and acquisitions, sales and finance.


Early in his career, he managed over $1 Billion of retail client assets for several Wall Street banks.  Subsequently, on the private equity side, John has led hundreds of transactions in the manufacturing, real estate, software, biotech, and financial sectors. He serves on the Board of the Pittsburgh Promise and holds a degree in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

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