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Ian Magazine

Vice-President, Finance

Ian is the Vice-President of Finance at Orabio, Inc., bringing over 30 years of experience as a technology executive. He has a proven track record of founding, operating, and advising successful startups, generating several billion dollars in value.

Ian's journey began as employee #1 at Nextel Communications, contributing significantly to the company's $35 billion exit. Formerly serving as the CEO and President of Airviz, he led groundbreaking efforts in advancing air quality monitoring.

Ian's impactful leadership extends into the biotech sector, notably as the CFO guiding a startup from Carnegie Mellon University. This visionary startup successfully merged, culminating in one of the top-performing biotech IPOs of 2021 and rapidly attaining a multi-billion-dollar valuation. Ian's strategic foresight remains a driving force for success in the technology and biotech sectors.

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