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Founded in 2021, OraBio discovers, develops and commercializes the latest in oral health innovations that improve patient outcomes. OraBio’s initial flagship brand, Periovance, offers products that address the patient’s journey from diagnosis, prevention, treatment and maintenance of gingivitis, periodontitis and associated conditions. The company is also focused on identifying emerging technologies that fit every step of that process.

Welcome United Dental Alliance Members!


Orabio is thrilled to welcome all UDA members. As a valued member of our program, a range of benefits are tailored just for you.

Program Benefits:
  • Enjoy a generous 10% savings on all OraBio product purchases; it's our way of showing appreciation for your membership.

  • Elevate your practice with our comprehensive clinical product educational support. Our clinical advisor will happily schedule your virtual webinar at

  • Be informed by receiving early notifications on our latest products and be the first to explore cutting-edge innovations.

  • Seamless and efficient ordering process through the OraBio website.

Program Details:
  • Use your unique code, UnitedDentalAllianceU-106995, for your 10% savings at checkout.

  • After your first product purchase, your 10% saving will automatically be applied to each additional order.

  • Learn more about Periovance Oral Rinse below.

Unique code: UnitedDentalAllianceU-106995
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  • Effective for moderate to severe gingivitis patients who struggle to remain pain-free during appointments.

  • Effective for pre- and post-scaling and root planing, as well as a take-home product to alleviate post-procedural discomfort.

  • Fast-acting rinse relieves pain associated with oral mucositis and other inflammatory oral conditions such as erosive lichen planus and aphthous ulcers.

  • Effectively streamlines the dental appointment to reduce wait time for other anesthesia options.


Periovance Oral Rinse Bottle

Periovance Oral Rinse is OraBio’s first flagship product which is an all-natural, easy-to-administer specialized mouth rinse designed to provide fast-acting anesthetic pain relief.  It’s unique blend of benzocaine, maltodextrin, and aloe vera binds to pain receptors in the mouth to keep patients comfortable. Periovance Oral Rinse will revolutionize your dental appointments while providing soothing, full-mouth pain relief with one 60 second swish.

No pain. All gain.

Provides immediate, fast-acting anesthetic action for the following conditions

Do you have patients with moderate to severe gingivitis who struggle with remaining comfortable and pain-free during a routine exam or hygiene procedure?



  • Gingivitis is often accompanied by painful edema and inflammation of the gingival tissues. This causes discomfort during clinical and hygiene procedures, making it difficult to properly debride around the gingival tissues.

  • Periovance oral rinse provides immediate anesthetic properties after a 60-second rinse.

  • This makes your patients more comfortable during procedures with minimal or no interruptions to your appointments.



How to use

  • Fill bottle with water to the first line and shake vigorously until all particles go into suspension.

  • Add water to second fill line and shake.

  • Coat mouth by swishing 15 ml (approx. 1 tbs.) for 60 seconds. Use up to 4 times daily only on the instruction of your healthcare professional.



Maltodextrin, Benzocaine, Aloe vera extract, Xanthan, Xylitol, Natural lemon lime flavor, Potassium benzoate, Potassium sorbate, Citric acid.

  • Unique blend of benzocaine, maltodextrin and aloe-vera bind to pain receptors and adhere to the sensitive mucosa for a complete combination of pain relief and comfort.


“We were desperate to find an affordable option for my mom, who had oral mucositis from chemotherapy and radiation treatments. This rinse was a lifesaver for her during that time. Side effects from cancer treatment can be brutal, and this was just the relief she needed to be able to eat and function.” 
— Erica T. 

Unique code: UnitedDentalAllianceU-106995
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